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Larry L. Johnson

Professional Activities

Industry Recognition

Areas of Expertise

Collaboration – Larry Johnson has been guiding firms in Collaborative development of Enterprise Systems Architecture and Product Architecture in large corporate and multi-corporate settings for over 25 years. During that time he developed the Collaborative Technical Workshop format which has been successfully applied in many collaborative projects and organizations.

Among his endeavors in this area:

  • As Chief Architect at MSC.Software (MSC), he chaired a Multi-departmental, Company-wide Architecture Board, which was responsible for the design and coordination of integration architecture for the seamless deployment of MSC products and services in customer environments.
  • At MSC he coordinated and facilitated collaborative advanced technology programs involving multi-corporate teams.
  • He was Member, Steering Committee of the Rapid Response Manufacturing Consortium. In that context he formed and chaired the Interoperability Services Working Group which sponsored four successful multi-corporate technology development projects.
  • He served Texas Instruments as Member, Group Technical Staff for 12 years. In that capacity he lead development teams to the successful production and deployment of distributed computer management systems, product data management systems, and the introduction of software development methodology.
  • He chaired the multi-corporate development of the successful joint submission of OMG's PDM Enablers Standard.

Development Methodology – Mr. Johnson has long been a proponent of and authority in software engineering through structured development methodologies. He is a leading proponent of the OMG's Model Driven Architecture. He has worked on projects involving UML, IDEF, Yourdon-deMarco-Constantine Structured Analysis/Design, Ward-Mellor Real-Time Modeling, Schlaer-Mellor, Carnegie-Mellon's Capability Maturity Model, and ISO 9000/9001 certification.

Software Product Development – Mr. Johnson has applied his skills in Collaboration, Development Methodology and Architecture to lead software development projects. At Texas Instruments he served as lead Systems Analyst/Architect on a project in Automated Distributed Computer Management System and on a project in Enterprise Product Data Management. In his capacity as Chief Architect at MSC.Software, he provided guidance, facilitation and coordination in software architecture to product development groups across the corporation.

Product Data Management (PDM) – In providing Enterprise Architecture for manufacturing environments, Mr. Johnson has extensive experience in PDM systems. These systems serve as a pivot point among design engineers and beween design and manufacturing engineers. At Texas Instruments he provided a federation of PDM systems through functional PDM serrvice abstractions which transparently "bind" to any of five commercial and in-house implementations.

Present & Previous Undertakings

These positions overlap, some being external activities supported by one or more employers, others being internal to those employers.

2006-Present: National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

Mr. Johnson is currently contracted through American Systems Corporation to the US National Archives and Records Administration, reporting to the Program Manager of the Records Management Services Component project.

In this capacity he represents NARA in software standards groups with particular focus on standards enabling ubiquitous records management services.

As part of the National Archives international outreach in Records Management, he organizes and convenes workshops internationally.

2004-2006 General Services Administration (GSA)

Mr. Johnson was contracted through Barquin International to the General Services Administration's Enterprise Architecture Program Management Office (EAPMO), reporting to GSA's Chief Architect.

In this capacity he defined projects implementing the Chief Architect's vision for GSA's Enterprise Architecture, co-authoring Statements of Work for projects ranging from legacy system modernization to next-generation architectural modeling, provisioning and deployment technology.

He managed architectural projects as representative of the EAPMO and/or Barquin International. He served as project manager for GSA's Open Source eGov Reference Architecture (OSERA) project.

1996-Present: Object Management Group

Mr. Johnson has been actively involved in the Object Management Group since 1996 variously under memberships of Texas Instruments Inc., Rapid Response Manufacturing Consortium, National Centers of Manufacturing Science, MSC.Software, the General Services Administration, and the National Archives and Records Administration and TethersEnd Consulting itself.

In 2003 he was elected Chair of the Government Domain Task Force and is currently serving in that capacity. Under his leadership the task force issued a Request for Proposal for a Records Management Services specification.

In 2006 he was elected to the OMG Board of Directors and is currently serving a three year term in that capacity. He had previously served on the Board from 2000 to 2003 ,during which time as Task Force Chair and Board Member, he participated in leading OMG's transition to its focus on Model Driven Architecture

Mr. Johnson is currently chairing two Joint Submission Teams to provide specifications in response to OMG Requests for Proposals.

  • Joint Records Management Services (JRMS) Submission Team This team is producing a web services specification in response to the OMG's RMS RFP which based its requirements on the work of an Interagency Project Team consisting of 19 US Federal Agencies and Departments, led by the National Archives.
  • Joint Federal Transition Framework (JFTF) Submission Team This team is producing an interoperability specification in response to the OMG's FTF RFP which was a work item brought to the Government Domain Task Force by the US President's Office of Management and Budget.

He was elected Chair of the Manufacturing and Industrial Systems Task Force in 1998, serving in that capacity until 2003. Under his leadership the task force produced specifications in Product Data Management, Distributed Simulation (DoD HLA), Computer-Aided Design, and Distributed Access to Industrial Systems. The task force also began an initiative in Knowledge Based Engineering specifications.

He received OMG's Distinguished Service Award in 1999.

1997-2002: Chief Architect, MSC.Software Corporation

Mr. Johnson reported to Executive Vice President, World-wide Operations. The position was later moved to the Technology Office reporting to the Chief Technology Officer. He was Chair of a Multi-departmental, Company-wide Architecture Board, and was responsible for the design and coordination of integration architecture for the seamless deployment of MSC products and services in customer environments. He coordinated and facilitated collaborative advanced technology programs.

1993-1997: Rapid Response Manufacturing Consortium (RRM)

Participation in the RRM spanned two employers, Texas Instruments and MSC.Software. While at TI he served as their Steering Committee Member. He created and chaired the Interoperability Services Working Group which sponsored four successful multi-corporate technology development projects. He initiated and completed a technology transfer project from the RRM to the public domain through the Object Management Group.

1982-1997: Member, Group Technical Staff; Texas Instruments, Inc. (TI)

Mr Johnson joined Texas Instruments in 1982 and was elected by peers to the Group Technical Staff in 1985. During his tenure at TI he focused on bringing multiple departments and divisions together in large-scale enterprise projects.

He served as lead architect on a Product Data Management system providing capability in design management that was not currently available in commercial systems. When commercial systems developed sufficient capability, he participated in a Blue Ribbon Panel to select an appropriate commercial PDM product and co-architected the integration of the product into TI's business processes.

He was lead Technologist in a project to create an automated distributed configuration management system. The system tracked software installed on workstations and time-share computers, sent automated installation packages, and tracked licensing.

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