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A Digital Eccentric

Kamata-san wrote a book on the lives of "Digital Eccentrics" in the US IT Industry. His premise being that working a bit more on the edge of non-conformity would be good for Japan… we would say, "thinking out of the box". I think that was his premise, anyway. Not speaking or reading Japanese, I haven't the foggiest notion of what he said about me, but it took him 27 pages to say it.

I understand that the chapter title is something on the order of "Hippie Architect". OK. My hair was a tad longer then [picture from the book is included below], and at this OMG meeting I was sporting a particularly dandy shirt, but "hippie"?!! smiley

If you can read Japanese, here's the Amazon Page for the book, The Lives of Digital Eccentrics in the US IT Industry, Hiroki Kamata, ISBN 4-14-080560-9

Cover of Kamata-san's Book First Page of Chapter on Larry L. Johnson

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