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Professional Activities
Larry L. Johnson

  • [2006] Invited to speak at Workshop in Costa Rica, " Paving the Road to Service Oriented Architecture: BPM and MDA"
  • [2006] Convener of International Out-reach on Records Management, London England.
  • [2005] National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Records Management Services Component (RMSC) Workshop - Participated in an invitational industry/academic panel formed on behalf NARA to review the high-level functional requirements necessary to develop Record Management Service Components (RMSC's). The review provided NARA broad perspective by industry experts and ensured that no major considerations or requirements were excluded.
  • [2004] Keynote Speaker at OMG WebSim Workshop on Modeling Methodology
  • [2004] Session Chair for "Practical Model Driven Architecture (MDA) I & II" at OMG MDA Implementers' Workshop
  • [2002] Sole American Liaison to European Union project “ViP-RoaM” defining the direction and profile of projects in engineering systems integration under the 6th Framework of EU Project Funding.
  • [2000-03] Member, Object Management Group (OMG) Board of Directors.
  • MSC.Software representative to the OMG.
  • [2000-01] Chair of the second Joint Product Data Management Submission Team (JPDM) leading a coalition of PDM vendors in a collaboration to produce a single joint submission of a PDM Enablers V2.0 standard interface specification to the OMG.
  • [1998-2003] Chair of the OMG Manufacturing and Industrial Systems Task Force (ManTIS) responsible for producing standards germane to manufacturing.
  • [1998-2003] Chair of the OMG Product & Process Engineering Working Group of the ManTIS Task Force responsible for issuance of standards in areas of PDM, CAD, CAM, CAE, Part Classification, etc.
  • [1998-99] Chair of the OMG Product Data Management Revision Task Forces (PDM RTF) which was responsible for producing Versions 1.1 and 1.2 of the PDM Enablers Standard.
  • [1998] Organized and Facilitated International Workshops to harmonize STEP (ISO 10303) PDM Schema standard with OMG PDM Enablers Standard. Workshop brought together PDM experts and authors from the STEP and OMG communities.
  • [1997] Chair of the Joint Product Data Management Submission Team (JPDM) leading a coalition of PDM vendors in collaboration to produce a single joint submission of a PDM standard to the OMG. Resultant standard was adopted as an OMG standard in July 1998.
  • [1993-97] Steering Committee Member, Rapid Response Manufacturing Consortium.
  • [1996-99] Represented the National Center of Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) in the Object Management Group as their voting technical representative.
  • [1994-96] Rapid Response Manufacturing Liaison to Object Management Group.
  • [1992-96] Rapid Response Manufacturing Liaison to IGES/PDES Organization (IPO).
  • [1993] Represented CALS for Enterprise Integration Committee at Application Integration Architecture Workshop, Dallas TX.  The workshop was a "summit" of consortia and standards groups to harmonize technical efforts.
  • [1991-94]  Vice Chairman of CALS Profile for Enterprise Integration Committee. Co-Lead in production of a white paper, "Profile of Enterprise Integration" for CALS Industry Working Group. Author of "Infrastructure Services Architecture of the Profile for Enterprise Integration". Papers were presented at CALS Expo's from 1992 through 1994.
  • [1990-92] Member of the Computer Science Curriculum Advisory Board of Richland Community College, Dallas TX.
  • [1986-90] Adjunct Lecturer in Computer Science at Texas Woman's University, Denton TX.
  • [1988]  Invited to NIST Workshop on Information Integration. Resulted in NIST Special Publication 500-167, September 1989.
  • [1987-90]  Represented Texas Instruments as community monitor of Department of Defense contract conducted by Honeywell to develop standards for Engineering Information Systems that would enable inter-corporate product design information interchange.

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