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… why "TethersEnd"…?

My wife, Betty, & I lived in the Tampa Bay area from '79 to '82 with a couple of the best dogs we've ever had, GatorBait, and SnoPoke… Samoyed litter mates… sisters. Gator was the lead pup with Pokey as her constant companion. (I'll have to add some pictures one of these days).

Gator in particular was fascinated by the south eastern lizards that abound in the area. (When we moved to Denton Texas in 1982 her fascination transferred to Denton toads). The neighborhood was very open… few fences… so when we sat out on the patio they would be on long tethers. The lizards knew exactly where Tether's End was. When my wife would join me out on the patio, she would ask, "Where are the Pups?". Invariably I would reply, "At Tether's End" where Gator was at full point, being taunted by creatures 1/1000 th of her size. Pokey would be half a length behind, observing with near equal fascination, and offering her support to Gator… as always.

Dang, I miss those pups.

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