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Model Driven Architecture ®

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Model Driven Architecture (MDA®) is a discipline emerging from the Object Management Group™ (OMG™) that separates a systems abstraction (Platform Independent Model, or "PIM") from its implementation representation (Platform Specific Model, or "PSM") providing an effective approach for isolating business practices and systems from evolving technology, as well as basing system implementations on business semantics.

In the roles of Manufacturing Domain Task Force Chair and Member, OMG Board of Directors, Mr. Johnson participated in the OMG's re-orientation from a technology-centric (CORBA® interface specifications, in particular) to a model-centric (MDA) organization.

The basic components of MDA are:

  • The Unified Modeling Language™ (UML®)
  • UML Profiles
    • UML Profile for CORBA – defines the mapping from a UML expressed PIM to a CORBA-specific PSM.
    • UML Profile for EDOC (Enterprise Distributed Object Computing) – is used to build PIMs of enterprise applications
    • UML Profile for EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) – defines a profile for loosely-coupled systems
    • UML Profile for Schedulability, performance, and time – supports precise modeling of predictable (real-time) systems
  • The Meta-Object Facility (MOF™) – defines the common meta-model for all of OMG's modeling specifications
  • XML Metadata Interchange (XMI™) – defines an XML-based interchange format for UML metamodels and models
  • Common Warehouse MetaModel (CWM™) – enables data mining across database boundaries. It forms the MDA mapping to database schemas
  • Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) – CORBA plays a key role as a target platform because of its programming language-, operating system-, and vendor-independence. MDA can target every middleware platform and will map to all with significant market buy-in.

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