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Sunset, Clearwater Beach

TethersEnd Hosts:

  • JRMS –Joint Records Management Services Submission Team
  • JFTF– Joint Federal Transition Framework Submission Team
  • RMS-CoP – Records Management Services Community of Practice threaded discussion list.

TethersEnd is the individual consultancy of Larry L. Johnson, providing services focusing on Systems Architecture and the management of the Collaborative Environment needed to develop and support it.

TethersEnd is built on an extensive background of experience in large Enterprise Systems supporting Government, Engineering and Manufacturing environments in both commercial and defense sectors.

  • Technical Collaboration
  • Enterprise Systems Architecture
  • Model Driven Architecture ®


TethersEnd is currently serving the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration through contracts with American Systems Corporation (04/2006 to 07/2007), and Alon Inc. (07/2007 to Present)

TethersEnd previously served the GSA in its Enterprise Architecture Program Management Office through a contract with Barquin International (09/2004 through 02/2006)


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OMG Board of Directors

Co-Chair Government Domain Task Force

Member, Steering Committee


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